8A+ First Ascent

December 14th, Giuliano Cameroni has done the FA of "Through the Fire and the Flames" (8A+) an extension of "Air on fire" - right sit, after having done the proper sit-start (FA?) of Forever More (8A+) and "Blinded by the light" 8B. Impressive progression for the young Swiss of 16 years old.

                                   Giuliano Cameroni in "Forever More" proper sit-start By JC


8A First Ascent

March 6th, Samuel Ometz has done the FA of "Pause Cervelas" (sit 8A).

 Samuel Ometz in "Pause Cervelas" 8A By JC

The same day, Samuel realized "General Disarray" 8B and "Marylin Monroe" 8A too. The next day he has done a probable FA, two moves for 7C+. This line is too beautiful to be unknown...

video: FA wanted


8C First Ascent

March 31st, Carlo Traversi realized the first ascent of "The Kingdom".

More info at: UKClimbing.com


8B First Ascent

February 18th, Jorg Verhoeven realized the first ascent of "Flash Flood" in Brione.

Video: Flash Flood FA

More info at: planetmountain.com


8A First Ascent

January 6th, Kevin Hemund realized the first ascent of «La Brionesque», a new 8A of scale. Kevin completed the project in two sessions, by finally finding a crucial hook in the upper part of the boulder.
Kevin Hemund in "La Brionesque" 8A  By JC

Worth mentioning is his flash repetition of «Air on fire» 8A+ the previous week. Kevin adjusted this boulder opened by Guntram Jörg in 2009 to 8A.

Chironico and Cresciano are in mourning

"Kolimator" is chipped!
"Vetruvian Man" is chipped!
"Arcadia" is chipped!


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